Work list


Video, 2015


Sculpture, 2015


Mixed media plastic bags, 2015


Dices, 2015

Seeing the black panther

Found object, illuminated lens, 2014

The tree I want to buy

Video, 2014

No money no water

Wall writing, 2014

Work with money

Series of 6 framed money, 2014

Finding the price (Calculations)

Installation of drawings, 2014

The Background

Video, 2014

Monumental tree

Drawing, 2014

Dere takibi

Installation, 2014


Installation, Cut out sand paper letters, 2013

Universal minimum wage commission

Video, 2013

Quality of life for one

Video, 2013

Under the panorama

Object, framed photo,sand and nylon bag, 2012


Object, text printed on metal, 2012

Poverty line

Installation, folded letters, 2012

Bird 'head'

Object, handmade bird nest, tree brunches and objects, 2012


Object, Original Sümerbank store bag stichted, 2012

Happy collection

Installation, waste items numbered, 2012

The fork

Object, Fork ikea frame, 2012

Fear of poverty

Object, ink on paper, 2011


Acyrlyc on fabric, 2012

Banner 1

Acyrlyc on fabric, 2011

Toki and happiness

Video, 2009

Toki tree

Video, 2009

Blind to the truth

Video, 2009

The man who wants to be a tourist

Video, 2008

Marx bag

Object, text painted on fabric, 2007

Guided tours for guides

Event, 2007

Are you waiting in line here? Yes.

Mixed media, 2007

Nothing can happen to us

Installation, solo project, 2006

Collector's cabinet

Sculpture object, wooden furniture, 2005

Bean tree

Sculpture object,paper, 2005

Little fake house

Installation, 2005


Object, 2005

Unrealised journey

Drawing series, 2003-2009


Drawing on eps,2004

Shrinken man

Drawing on glass,2004

Machines without function

Acrylic on fabric, 2003

Degreded glass

Object, 2003


Object, 2003

Individual language

Drawing, 2002