Blind to the truth


DVD Video, Pal 4:3, in color, sound, in English, no subtitles, 7'03'', Marseilles, 2009

The video displays a young man from Marseilles in a bar. The conversation is a non-fictional one, sometimes interrupted and manipulated by artists’ questions. He speaks about himself, Marseilles, Sarkozy, Hotel California song, image rights and so on... He is representing a local personae, an immigrant at the first sight but the text inserted to the video is not relevant to the situation so manipulates our perception. These texts are mainly philosophical arguments about representation in the form of questions, suggestions and statements. Tittle is taken from Lukas Duwenhögger’s collage at AsmaliCavit Restaurant.

Camera:Elmas Deniz, Merve Şendil Supported by: Istanbul Culture and Arts Foundation and Friche la belle de Mai


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