Human-less, 2015, HD DVD Video, Pal 16:09, colour and sound​,​ 6min 11sec

The video "Human-less", Deniz presents camera recordings taken from unmanned aircraft known as "drones." In the video, we get a bird's-eye view from a drone of the pristine Caucasus Mountains. At first we admire the landscapes, but eventually they lead us to question humankind's ambivalent relationship with nature as well as our ways of observing and perceiving nature. The eye watching this extraordinary natural landscape is neither a bird's eye nor a human eye; it is mechanical. The basic artistic intervention in the video is done through writing, a recurring element in Deniz's artistic practice. As we watch in awe, as if we were birds soaring through the succession of natural landscapes, the text writing appears, which reads: "but you are not a bird." —Celenk Bafra/ Amira Akbıyıkoğlu

The video was commisioned for the AlANICA International Symposium in Vladikavkaz in March 2015. Post-production support for Till Its Gone Exhibition at Istanbul Museum of Modern Art.


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