The Background

Video-slide show, Compiled photos and poetry, on LCD screen, 14’49”, 2014

The Background is about the ‘consumption of nature’ and our detachment from it. The video consists of photographs compiled in the form of a typical slide show as available on most computers. The photographs are gathered through a selection criteria that ‘people in front of beautiful scenery’ preferably in front of mountains, forests and untouched natural beauties—very similar to the ones that people share in social media. The opening lines of the slide show read: “From now on your presence will become only a background. They are not with(in) you anymore but (your) visitors.” Nature (mountains, rivers, forests all together) here are personified and signified as ‘you’ and ‘they’ refers to human beings.

Special thanks for photo contributions and technical assistance to: Louis Lüders, Orton Akıncı, Köken Ergun, Murat Fesih Avcıbaşı, Alperen Toksöz, Jonatan Habib Engqvist, Karen Diamond, Özge Ersoy, Didem Yazıcı, Merve Ünsal, Rüya Ögü, Burak Birinci, Serdar Akyıldız, Mehmet Altıntaş, Beste Zeybel, Burcu Fikretoğlu, Doğa Okay, Saniye Dönmez, Yasemin Elçi, Metin İlktekin, Cansu Kurt, Damla Açıkada, Elsa de Giovanni, Elena de Giovanni, Hazal Paftalı, Semih Kandemir, Eda Tarak, Ekin Tutan, Buket Taşkıran, Tolga Eruygun, Nisa Arı, Alp İlyas Klanten, Ceren Mağden, Nursaç Sargon, Stefan Jofjell.


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