Under the panorama

Mixed media object, Framed Bosporus photo, sand and nylon bag, Istanbul, 2012

The work is horizontally divided in two with the usage of distinct materials. Above; a slightly blurred photo of Bosphorus is placed. The remained surface at the bottom is filled with sand and in the middle of the sand there is a black plastic bag. Artist tries to expand a possible framed panoramic image symbolically, through making the bottom of the sea visible. The work is on a basic logic that all consumption ends up in the seas. Man-made damage to the ecosystem is devastating, however invisible from the surface. Garbage disposal problem turned oceans into a ‘plastic soup’, yet water, the city at the surface still seems alright and beautifull. Under the Panorama, deals with the condition of the seas, our limited knowledge, our focus on the ‘surface’ and detachment with the workings of the nature while consuming it only as ‘images’ Under the Panorama is also about the state of ignorance, about ignoring the things that are out of sight, not easily recognizable and hidden — or unknown.


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