Flying Plants, Dogs and Elephants

Flying Plants, Dogs and Elephants, Artist book silk print on elephant dung paper, in english, 2018

The artist book "Flying Plants, Dogs and Elephants" draws attention to our perception of nature and focuses on our bond with other species and beings in nature. Silk-printed on a special paper made of elephant dung, the book includes drawings of exported indoor plants of Sri Lankan origin, stories about stray dogs written by the artist herself and international transportation regulations of living plants. The artist suggests to us to mingle in with stray dogs instead of being their owner or caretaker through this book:

"...Imagine suddenly collapsing to the ground as you are walking. Hugging a stray dog is exactly the same sudden collapse.... Life continues on the different, upper levels…Like a dance, to let yourself sink down, to hug a dog this intensely, as if it was a human being."(From the book)

Deniz knows that she can not rewind the automated human-animal relationship that has became artificial in the last two centuries. However, the encounters she narrates in Flying Plants, Dogs and Elephants are attempts to narrow the gap between human and animal, although on a personal level. ( Excerpt from A Year Without a Summer, exhibition text)

The book was produced for the Colomboscope festival exhibition “Re/evolution” in 2017. Supported by SAHA and Turkish Embassy in Colombo.


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