Marx bag

Handmade fabric bag, 42,5 x 37,5 cm, in two sides- Turkish and English, Istanbul, 2008

The bag dispays the original quote of Marx, both sides one in english and the other in turkish. The bag is produced for a specific exhibition concept, below I placed exhibition text that can give an idea. As an artist from istanbul I prefer to produce the item instead of using the mass production facilities and also I like to engross the theme with Karl Marx quote. Marx bag produced for On Produceabilty exhibition.

By Kristina Kramer: "On Produceabilty is an international composed and organized group show that has its starting point in Istanbul and is then going to travel and develop throughout European venues. The project is about products, production and their placement in society. We invite artists to Istanbul to reflect on and refer to local conditions and global dimensions of produc- tion by creating new artworks.In Istanbul the steps of the production processes are often located in the immediate neighborhood and become transparent and accessible. They are not externalized like in most service societies like Germany or other EU countries. Manufacturing is still part of the everyday life. While Turkey is a pre- ferred production location of Europe in the context of world industry the parameters are shifting from a production based to a consumption oriented soci- ety with overwhelming shopping malls and stan- dardized franchise companies. The rapidity and the simultaneousness of this development creates a situation that is highly vibrant. Our interest is to observe, understand and interfere this state of soci- ety being in transmission represented by its products. With their travel to Istanbul the artists have the possibility and opportunity to use the huge number of large and small manufacturing places to take advan- tage of and to use this transparency of production for their artistic purpose."


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